Fake a Death

by Why We Love

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bex haincock
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bex haincock I think the video for this is tremendous! Favorite track: Engine.
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"Fake a Death" is the first EP from Bristol indie pop 4 piece, Why We Love


released November 14, 2014

Wellfair, Wellfair, Dodwell & Thomas



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Why We Love Bristol, UK

Sibling-fronted indie pop band from Bristol. They exploded onto the Bristol scene in May 2014 with their début single 'Patina', and found their feet playing sold-out shows with Wolf Alice, Slow Club & Teleman.

Instantly recognisable for their charming brand of sparkly guitar pop, bittersweet lyrics and blood harmonies, all showcased in energetic live shows.

Music to make you dance, sing and cry.
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Track Name: All Good Things Must Drown
So I got a little bit messed up. The wrong decisions from the wrong information.
What you gonna do know? how you gonna get out?
One last little attempt to recapture,bullet proof brain, a self educed rapture.
Never gonna get away.

Falling farther into the ocean, my heart it weighs me down.
Falling farther into the ocean, all good things must drown.

So i got a little bit too quiet. Auditary hallusination.
I swear to god I heard you shout - how you gonna get out?
'cos those limbs, the frame, were built for exertion
it's nothing but a shame that you barely get to use them.
Never gonna get away

No escape, sinking again. No chance of resuce now.
just watch and relax as the surface retracts
it's like you said, all good things must drown
Track Name: Engine
All that was left to give, face down on the mahogany floor
You punch like a little kid,
holes in the knees of your jeans saying sorry out of obligation.
I'll be the only thing, keeping it light with a joke to make you cry.

I always knew you would break down, just like an engine.
You knew all along that i was just pretending.

Hard like a champion, the fast short breaths to keep those muscles moving.
Fold like a concertina under the weight of the expectation.
On the other hand i suppose it's hilarious, that you nearly killed yourself trying to keep it alive
Track Name: Fake a Death
Sensational, shut out the noise and let the part of you that won't let go just take control
you know there'll always be a part of you that's permanently.
There ingrained in the back of my mind, what a nice thing to see every time that i close my eyes
I don't need to take this from anyone.
Give it away.

You said you'd never fake a death, I never believed you.
As you took your last breath into the side of my head.
Show me what else you got left and try to enjoy yourself.
I don't want to me missed I wanna be love.

Do it. It's worth all the headaches when it's eventually regretted.
The shame and the suffering a small price to pay.
You can grow out your beard you can cut off your hair
You can move continents and forget that you ever cared,
to give such a damn about anything.
Give it away.

Maybe for just a little while, I could dissappear.
But it's gonna take more than a psuedocide,
to get the hell away from here.
Shut out the noise that's ingrained into the back of my mind.
Track Name: Gold Mine
All compliments and smiles longing to be satisfied and terrified again.
holding on to you - the only thing still merciful and beautiful.

I just wish you gave a damn. I wish I were indifferent.
Could you just not let me in on all the joke
Laugh so hard you joke.
Sipping your darjeeling the second time this evening, the second time tonight.

Dance and sing and pour yourself a drink, lets call this thing a good time.
Come on let's just dig for regrets, this place is a gold mine.

no, you never let me down. you always did say from the start, this was going to hurt
you didn't stick around and i'm still here searching for treasure in the dirt.
When they ask about how it went say she's so hard to persuade.
i'll make money and i'll make you want me - just give me a decade.